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My name is Jim, a Temple alum currently living and working in Philadelphia. When I was in college, I took a social media class that taught me about blogging and how to get the most out of your site. I was assigned a semester-long project to create a blog on the class’ community site. I was allowed to blog about whatever I wanted as long as I updated it regularly, optimized it with some fancy marketing acronyms, and used it to interact with the rest of the class. I had always wanted to create my own site and was excited to get started. The only question I had was what should I blog about.

Like most college students, I was on a meal plan that unfortunately only gave me a few options to choose from. At this point, I was cooking most of my meals in my apartment but typically used the meal plan to grab lunch on campus when I was in between classes. Something I always noticed about Temple was how many different food trucks were scattered throughout campus. I hadn’t really tried the food trucks before but noticed they had a lot more options for food than the meal plan, and a lot of my friends seemed to enjoy them as well. This gave me an idea and I decided to blog about Temple’s food trucks.

Each week I would try a new food truck and blog about my experience. It was fun trying something new each week and using the blog to interact with my classmates. I even managed to get a few non-Temple bloggers on the site. Unfortunately, the blog couldn’t last forever and at the end of the semester, the community site was wiped clean in preparation for next semester’s students.


Four years later and finally back in Philly, I decided it was time to revisit this idea and start a new blog. This time around I won’t just be looking at Temple’s food trucks, but all the other food trucks scattered throughout the city as well. I’ll be trying at least one new food truck each week, and will share my thoughts on the food, value, and overall experience. I hope you’ll join me on this journey to find the best food trucks in Philly.


Happy food trucking!






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